I object

Do you object to your debt or the amount of your debt? Have you already settled your debt? You can submit an objection, depending on the phase of your file.

I have already settled my debt
Please send us proof of your payment. The document must state the amount, the account number to which the amount was paid, the date of payment and the payment reference.

The letter is not addressed to me
Perhaps a previous resident is still registered at your address. Contact the municipality to have this checked. The municipality can start an investigation to determine the correct address of this person.

I received a summons
Do you object to the claim in the summons? You can defend your case in court. You can represent yourself in any court proceedings before the district judge/justice of the peace. You must hire a lawyer to represent you in all other cases. The annexe to the summons provides further information about how you can defend your case and what are your options. Contact us if you have any questions about a summons you received.

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