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Modern and responsible debt collection

A good financial policy is key to a healthy company. For over 50 years, Inkassier has contributed to this as a bailiff and debt collection agency. We collect debts in a modern, effective way, while taking debtors’ personal circumstances into account. Our experienced team consists of more than ninety bailiffs, lawyers and debt collection officers. We specialise in innovative and custom debt collection procedures, that are seamlessly geared to your organisation and customers.

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Our approach

Custom debt collection procedures

We combine sectoral knowledge, the newest techniques and a personal approach for efficient debt collection. We can tailor the entire procedure to your needs, from debtor management to execution. Moreover, you always have a current overview of the status of all your debt collection orders in our client portal.

I have an outstanding debt. How can I pay off my debt?

There are three ways to pay. Click the link to see how this works.
1. Use iDEAL to pay through Dossier Online
2. Pay by bank transfer
3. Pay in cash or with your bank cards at our counter

What happens if I fail to pay?

We recommend paying before the deadline. Debts accumulate and don’t magically vanish. If you don’t pay on time, the amount you owe will keep growing.

I'm unable to make full payment of my debt. What must I do?

In most cases, you can reach a mutually acceptable payment proposal with Inkassier. In that case you pay off your debt in instalments. A number of rules apply, however. Read more.

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