I need help paying off my debts

Did you receive a letter from Inkassier and do you want to settle your debt? There are several ways you can do this.

Debt advice

Do you need help with your debts? You can apply for debt advice if you are in financial difficulties. There are various debt counselling agencies that can help you quickly gain an insight into and an overview of your financial situation.

Debts often cause stress and unpleasant situations. Ultimately nobody benefits from this. By seeking help, your budget will be balanced again.

When should you request debt advice?

Do you recognise yourself in one of the situations below?

  • Are you no longer able to get out of debt?
  • Do you no longer have an overview of your finances?
  • Do you find it difficult to make ends meet every month
  • Are the reminders piling up?
  • Is there a risk of arrears?

Contact your municipality or debt counselling agencies as soon as possible. If you apply for debt advice, an expert will look with you which form of assistance suits you best.

The Municipal Debt Advice Act

The Municipal Debt Advice Act came into force in 2012. This law describes your municipality’s duties in terms of debt counselling. The municipalities determine how to implement the debt counselling plan. The municipal council oversees the quality of this plan. The Mayor and Alderman are responsible for its correct implementation. Debt counselling is based on an integrated approach. This means that attention is paid to your family and living situation in addition to solving your financial problems.

As of 2021, municipalities have the option to exchange data of citizens with payment arrears with housing associations, energy and drinking water companies and health insurers at an early stage

This allows municipalities to identify people with debts in sufficient time and offer debt advice.

The early identification of problematic debts is part of the government’s comprehensive debt strategy. This approach consists of forty measures to reduce debt.

Debt advice agencies

There are various agencies that can help you with your debts or help you resolve payment arrears:

Were you a victim of the Dutch childcare benefits scandal?

Sociale Banken Nederland will help you - where possible - to pay off your private debt.

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DiSK: Digitale Sociale Kaart

DiSK stands for Digitale Sociale Kaart (Digital Social Map) and is your guide to all work, housing, welfare and care providers in your municipality and region. DiSK helps citizens and professionals to find the right provider and is the instrument for the proper implementation of the Social Support Act (WMO) and the Participation Act (PW). 

Click here for more information about DiSK

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